Rosario has an active agenda to create international ties at the regional and global levels, with the objective of strengthening the development of local public policies through cooperation and exchange, and by positioning the city in the international scene through its interests and experiences.


Rosario City of Challenges


The city has a consular corps of 22 authorized general and honorary consulates.

The Municipality of Rosario has regular and protocolary contact with all of them.
The relations with the consulates are based on different aspects, related to the respective communities dwelling in Rosario, cooperation initiatives, visits from foreign delegations, institutional or commercial missions overseas, joint socio-cultural activities, etc.


Rosario is characterized for having large immigrant communities from different migratory flows. The city boomed with men and women who left their countries looking for a better future. These people started to group, first by language and customs, and then they became organized and created mutual help associations that later became community centers, known as Colectividades. There are currently over 80 community centers in Rosario.
The Municipality and these centers have a history of collaboration. Together, they organize the events Encuentro y Fiesta Nacional de las Colectividades and La Noche de las Colectividades.

International awards

Rosarinos Around the World: This initiative has the objective of reuniting and creating a network of people from Rosario who have emigrated from the city. Get to know this initiative.
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